"Villa Nõva"
                              is located in the Nõva county in the Western Estonia.

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                              Only 80 km from the capital of the Estonia (Tallinn).
Nõva, known by its mushroom-and berry forest, untouched nature, swamps, small lakes and sandy beaches.
                                     Our advantage is the privacy and cosiness.
                   The wildlife of birds and animals in the forests of Nõva is impressive! 
   We can offer a memorable experience for both the family and friends any time of the year.

"  Villa Nõva" is available for rent as a complex and we also rent out houses  separately.
                              We have 49(27) sleeping places, extra beds available.

                                                    We are offering 

                                        * Peaceful and quiet environment 
                                        * Friendly customer service 
                                        * Accommodation  
                                        * Hot sauna  
                                        * Seminar rooms
                                        * Catering 
                                        * Walking, snowshoe, skating and hiking 
                                        * Adventure games for every taste 

                                           Ask for personalized offer!!!
         " Villa Nõva" is available only on advanced reservation!!!